Menu of E-Liquid Juices

Sweet & Tart- Those tiny bite size candies with plentyful flavor
Happy Birthday-  A freshly baked vanilla cake with a sweet and sugary icing
Sour Yum Yum- The long, twisted neon sour gummy worms
Blue Raspberry- The summertime sweet berry
Red Energy- the carbonated beverage that gives you a “winged” feeling
Baja Blastoff- A carbonated beverage that rushes with a riptide of flavor
Rootbeer Float- A creamy rootbeer float with a smooth finish
Skittlez- The rainbow bite size candies bursting with flavor
Butterscotch- A sweet carmalized butterscotch hard candy
Rolly Jolly Watermelon- a juicy watermelon hard candy
Roly Jolly Grape-  A hard candy rushing with a grape flavor
Delightful- warm peach berry cobbler with a toasted graham cracker crust with a hint of coocnut shavings
Grape Ape- A very berry grape bubblegum
Banana Runtz- Curved shaped candies with a realistic banana flavor
Rainbow Sherbert- A bleneded assortment of fruity sherbets
Hawaiian Delight- A golden Pineapple start with a tropical coconut exhale
Fluffy Spun Sugar- The Candy that melts in your mouth! Cotton Candy
The Fallen- Vape King Exclusive- The crazy blend of a bowl of fruity circle cereal with a slam of greek yogurt. A Top seller for Vape King
Room 108- Vape King Exclusive- A intertwined blend of fresh berries and candy.  A Top Seller for Vape King
Gummie Bear- The little itty bitty chewy bears filled with flavor
Vanilla Butternut- A creamy french vanilla with a bold finish of butternut squash.
The Due- The known Lemon lime carbonated beverage
F5- Refreshing mixture of Watermelon and Guava
Zebra Striped Gum- A childhood favorite reminescent of the potent fruity chewing gum

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Flakes- The golden flake cereal that are greattttt!
Powdered Donuts- Fresh out the bag of the mini powdered donut holes
Ted- A cereal bowl full of squares coated in a cinnamon-sugar shower
Strawberry Lemonade- A sweet strawberry puree fused with a tart lemonade
Sticky Buns- sticky and gooey cinnamon rolls drizzled with a cream cheese icing
Vanilla Swirl- A blend of Vanilla; French Vanilla and Madagascar Vanilla
Key Lime  Cookie- A bitsize form of a graham cracker cookie with a tart key lime finish
Berry Crunch- Even the Captain says they’re good!
Pink Lemonade- A summertime favorite; a sweet and tart lemonade
Banana Cream Pie- A rich banana cream pie topped with dedicant whipped cream
French Vanilla- A favorite in my grandmothers kitchen!
General Custard- A layered vanilla custard with multiple vanillas topped with heavy cream with a touch of butterscotch
Cinnamon Sugar Cookie- When your grandmother makes the freshly baked snickerdoodle cookie
Apple Jax- An apple cinnamon breakfast cereal
Homewrecker- A Vape King Exclusive for years, A rich and dreamy vanilla with caramalized pecans and small hint of coconut.
Hazelnut Coffee- A rich and nutty coffee, great for an after dinner meal
Coconut Cream Pie- Coconut Cream Pie with an explosion of whipped cream
Kick Azz Caramel- A sweet traditional chewy caramel flavor
Coffee with Cream- rich coffee with cream and sugar added
Da Vinci’s Milk- A bavarian cream strawberry cheesecake with a graham cracker crust
Pina Coolada- A tropical drink with pineapple and coconut.  The beach is this way!
Caramel Cappuccino- A dark roasted coffee coincide with cream and caramel
Dragon’s Blood- A blend of dragon fruit, strawberry, touch of pineapple, and whipped cream

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Cherry Tobacco- Smooth Tobbaco with Rich Notes of a Decidant Cherry
Marbo Red New- A Cigarettes Smokers Delight. An Iconic Flavor very similar to the real thing
Sweet Carolina- Mild Tobacco laced with a sweet drizzled caramel
French Vanilla Tobacco- Sweet Tobacco mixed with a silky french vanilla
Sweet & Mild Tobacco-  An extraordinary sweet pipe tobacco
Trukish Tobacco-  Blend of various tobacco’s giving it a great earthy flavor
Unchained- One of Vape King’s exclusive, a traditional tobacco infused with a natural burbon expressing sweet notes
Desert Ship- An iconic name with a bold flavor
USA Mix- Medium-light tobacco
100% VG Tobacco- US Tobacco in 100% VG
Clove- A mixture of Tobacco as well as Clove to give it its name
Flue Cured Virgina- A southern tobacco Cured to give it a real natural flavor
Redbull Tobacco- A combination of the popular energy drink and tobacco
Kilauea- Another Vape King exclusive, a triage of cinnamon, caramel, and french vanilla notes coinciding with natural tobacco roots
Tobacco- A subtle and clean tobacco flavor
RY4- Aedium tobacco doused with vanilla and rich caramel
Wildberry Tobacco- An orchid of multiple different berries cured with a simplistic tobacco flavor
Havana Cigar- A heavy-hitting blend, with a bold aroma
Roadhouse- A classic cowboy flavor that’s light
Marbo- The classic full flavor cowboy tobacco blend

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Crème de Menthe- A sweet mint mixed with a nice and savory cream
Trifecta- A blend of pear, pineapple and peaches crushed with a cool menthol
Strawberry Ice- Freshly picked Strawberries with a kick of menthol
Vatic Frost- A perfect mixture of menthol, blackberries and tart white peaches
Love Potion #209- A complex blend of sweet and sour berries witrh a light hint of menthol
Marbo Menthol- A bold menthol tobacco blend
Doublemintz Gum- A perfectly concotcted flavor just like chewing the gum itself
Everest- An extremely complex blend starting off with a Mango Passion fruit Tea, infused with Guava and Apricot with a cool hint of mint
Unchained Menthol- The Vape King exclusive, the popular Unchained tobacco, now with menthol
Nuport- The most iconic menthol tobacco out, having a heavy menthol tone
Ultamint- A simplistic mint candy
Marbo New Menthol- A light tobacco infused with notes of menthol
Watermelon Chiller- A sweet and juicy watermelon coolled with menthol
Cool Spring Mist- A juicy watermelon and strawberry mixture refreshed with menthol
Amsterdam- A sweet creamy mint, doused in a mix of absinthe and cinnamon
Jungle Juice- A tropical fruit mixture with the most perfect hint of menthol
Ice Breaker Triple Menthol- A super menthol, just like the popular mints
Spearmint- A true classic spearmint flavor
Peppermint Candy- The widely known peppermint flavor
Extreme Ice- A very potent menthol, able to satisfy any menthol lover
Menthol USA- A true tobacco coinciding with a medium menthol tone
Blue Ice- A superb concoxtion of freshly picked blueberries and menthol
Fat Mintz- Just like the cookies, A thinly baked chocolate cookie with a sweet mint center
Salem- A complex tobacco base paired with a subtle but sweet menthol

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Jay’s Mix- A blissful mix of freshly picked kiwi and green apple, poured with a popular “winged” energy drink
Mad Melons- A beautiful concoction of Mango, Papaya and Cantaloupe
Pom Berry- A sweet complex blend of freshly picked blueberries and tart pomegranate
Blueberry Lemon- A refreshing mixture of blueberry and lemon
Pomegranate- The tart pomegranate fruit
Peach- A classic flavor, sweet peach, always leaving you wanting more
Mango- The tropical fruit is very much like the fruit itself
Strawbery Kiwi- A classic sweet and sour strawberry and kiwi
Red Line- A flavor bursting Vape King Exclusive, blend of Kiwi and Apricot
Blueberry- Freshly picked blueberries
Litchi Berry- Vape King exclusive, a trifecta blend of lychee, grape, and blueberry
Haywire- A widely popular Vape King exclusive, a perfectly twisted blend of fresh honeydew melon and a crisp green apple
Raspberry- A delicate flavor reminscent of early summer berries
Strawberry Banana- An classic pairing of strawberry and banana
Thriller- A tropical fusion of fresh mangos and guava
Guava- A cool, fresh , and sweet tropical berry
Smurf Berry- A multidimensional flavor including strawberries, whipped cream, and blueberries
Watermelon- A summertime bliss, with a mouthwatering watermelon flavor
Strawberry Fluff-  A dreamy creamy blend of strawberries and marshmallows
Pineapple-  A tropical paradise with a sweet and tart golden pineapple
Strawberry-  A summertime favorite!
Blue Poptropica- Chilldhood memories of the frozen blue raspberry popsicles
Grape- A flavor known to come from the vine
Beetle Juice- Multiple fruits blended into a fresh mixture
Betty Booop- Wild forrest berries mixed with a hint of marzipan candy

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